10 Bulls Per Month

Many have asked us why we only manufacture 10 bulls a month, and the answer is simple: we want to make our packages affordable. Our mission at USA Mechanical Bulls is to provide high quality bulls at an affordable price to anyone willing to take this step to start or grow their business. 


It is because of our mission that we uphold a 10 bull a month model. Every month we only accept 10 bull orders because we know we can operate at this level and offer our customers the best prices. In only manufacturing 10 bulls, we are able to use less material, less equipment, and less space all while maintaining a high standard of quality. In doing so we minimize our costs and are able to offer our customers the lowest prices in the industry.


If we were to increase the number of customers we take on every month, we will also need to increase the amount of space, personnel, and materials needed to accomplish this. This would ultimately lead us to increase our prices to ensure we are covering our costs. Keeping the 10 bull a month model allows us the flexibility to price our bulls at a competitive low price. 


We know starting a business is challenging so we want to make it as less risky as possible for you. If you are ready to take this step, contact us to get your order in this month. If there are no slots left this month, send us an email and we can reserve your slot for next month.

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